Top 5 Younger – Pakistani Entrepreneurs

Top 5 Younger – Pakistani Entrepreneurs


Pakistan’s IT market is prevailing day by day, startups and interests of young generation helping country’s progress in a much beneficial way:-


  1. Muhammad Adnan Butt

 Top 5 Younger - Pakistani Entrepreneurs - Muhammad Adnan Butt

Muhammad Adnan Butt is a successful entrepreneur by profession; he showed others that nothing is impossible without determination and enthusiasm that leads you towards a fruitful life. He had done his graduation from GIKI in Engineering. He is the Co-founder of Media agencies which names are Mvergence & Walnut Media that offers different solutions for marketing and also working on social applications Development.


           2. Sidra Qasim


Top 5 Younger - Pakistani Entrepreneurs - Sidra Qasim

She is very brilliant talented, artistic and also an entrepreneur. She is the founder of well-known Pakistani shoe selling company which is known as ‘MARKHOR’.The company offers the opportunity to those which are living in rural areas. This company provides them with a platform where they express their talent in sense of making shoes and then these shoes are sold in others countries. Last year Markhor sale increases up to $107,000.


        3. Sheba Najmi


 Top 5 Younger - Pakistani Entrepreneurs - Sheba Najmi

Sheba was a brilliant student, done her Masters and bachelors from Stanford University in Symbolic Systems. Now she is the co-founder & Executive Director of ‘Tech for Change’ the main purpose of this is to eradicate the social issues of our beloved country Pakistan by bringing together entrepreneurs, developers, and designers. Earlier, she started her life as a reporter; this young lady was a UX lead at Yahoo for many of years.


      4)    Amir Rao


Top 5 Younger - Pakistani Entrepreneurs - Amir Rao

Amir Rao is the game director & co-founder of Supergiant games, which is well known an American based Video Games Company. The first game of this company was ‘Bastion’ which listed game of the Year by games journalists which broke many records and won different international awards. Recently this company launched their 3rd game with the name of ‘Pyre ‘released on 25th July 2017.He has been listed the youngest entrepreneurs in the age of 31.


      5. Gulraiz Khan


Top 5 Younger - Pakistani Entrepreneurs - Gulraiz Khan 

He is one of the best youngest self-made entrepreneurs of Pakistan. He is the owner of well-known coffee center in Karachi which name is ‘Samovar Tea’ and ‘Coffee House’. He won the best idea award in 2012. His idea turned into reality when he was doing BSc (Hons) in LUMS.