10 Top Female Entrepreneurs In Pakistan!

“Talented & proud Pakistan! ”  10 Top Female Entrepreneurs In Pakistan!

  1. Nabila Maqsood

10 Top Female Entrepreneurs In Pakistan - Nabila Maqsood

Nabila Maqsood is the famous and successful name in the history of fashion. She opened her 1st salon in 1986. She is so innovated and bringing change in Fashion Industry every day. She wrote her 1st book “Nabila’s changes” and released in January 2011. She is not just a fashion stylist, also working as a judge at national and international style competitions. She has also opened men’s salon. She has a creative mind in the field of Fashion.


  1. Jehan Ara

10 Top Female Entrepreneurs In Pakistan - Jehan Ara

When we talk about IT (Information technology), Jehan Ara’s name always on top. She is working as a president of PASHA (Pakistan Software House Association). The other companies or organizations collaborate her and provide best products and services to its clients. She is also worked in marketing, media, and communications for three decades in Pakistan, Hong Kong, and UAE. She is also a successful speaker, entrepreneur, motivator, and writer for industry publications.


  1. Kalsoom Lakhani

    10 Top Female Entrepreneurs In Pakistan - Kalsoom Lakhani

Another successful entrepreneur Kalsoom Lakhani is the founder and the CEO of i2i (invest2innovate). The organization now not simplest acknowledges the budding marketers in Pakistan, however additionally trains them through a 4-month program and finally connects them to investors. Her achievements also encompass the co-ambassador of a sandbox, member of worldwide monetary forum’s global shapers. She is the founding father of CHUP (changing up Pakistan) which brings forth and creates recognition on the issues of Pakistan.

  1. Fiza Farhan

    10 Top Female Entrepreneurs In Pakistan - Fiza Farhan

    Running as the CEO and Co-founding father of a local microfinance group, the Buksh Foundation, and the director of Buksh Energy (an offshoot of the foundation), Farhan’s paintings focuses specifically on smooth power projects for the country‘s rural and underprivileged regions, areas which can be regularly ignored by the general public sector. In 2015, Farhan made it to Forbes’ international list of 30 underneath 30 social marketers– pretty an achievement for a younger Pakistani. Last year, the young entrepreneur became also selected as a “future power chief” at the sector energy council.

  1. Salina Haroon

    Salina Haroon

    Accountable for constructing and coping with human capital in addition to growing her public relations business as well, Salina Haroon is an entrepreneur who advises main groups to introduce innovation and creativity into their corporate cultures. She is the founder of Communique Collective and EIC of CIO Pakistan. CIO is the biggest business generation management magazine in the world. Verbal exchange collective is an advertising and marketing firm that deals with small and medium organizations both in regionally and across the world.


  1. Maria Umer

Maria Umer

Founder of WDL (Women Digital League), an online portal which provides digital inspired help to women. WDL helps women to earn while sitting at their home. It is basically a locally freelancing company, which helps women to earn through WordPress, designing, data entry, content writing and through many ways. She is one the talent success achievers up to the mark in Pakistan.


  1. Roshaneh Zafar

Roshaneh Zafar

She is the Founder of Kashf Foundation. The most famous and inspiring Foundation which provides financial aid and education to the villagers’ women. She was the ex-worker of World Bank. Kashf Foundation mainly working in Sindh, Baluchistan, and KPK.


  1. Sana & Safina

    Sana & Safina

    Sana Safinaz: started by two women in 19’s with a few thousand rupees investment and now a worldwide brand in the clothing industry. At the start there were a few tailors with few thousands in their bags, never thought they will grow up and will make themselves the best in the world. The best making story of talented Pakistan.

  2. Wajiha Kanwal

    Wajiha Kanwal

    Inspiring Founder of Affordable .pk. Along with her husband, she came up with an excellent idea to start a portal where the customer only when paying for the product when customer satisfied with the product. She was also featured on the TV Show “Idea crore ka” and inspired judges and got 1 crore investment.

  3.  Sheeba Najmi

    Sheeba Najmi

    Founder of “Code for Pakistan”.Her startups are the idea to make a relation and reframe it between government and citizens. She also works as a Hacker at Tradecraft, World Bank Consultant, Cloudwords Inc.Design Consultant and advisor for Go-Fig Solutions.

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