Top 10 Pakistani’ Bloggers & Blogs !

Top 10 Pakistani’ Bloggers & Blogs!

Pakistan’s Blogging market is prevailing day by day with rich advancement. It is a profession through which anyone can show their skills to the world and earn money online. Here is the list of Pakistan’s Top 10 Bloggers and their websites, who are the most passionate inspiration for youngsters:-



1-    Taimoor Asad    –

As per our research and knowledge Taimoor did a Software Engineering degree holder. and His blog Redmondpie is one of the top-rated blogs and ranked as 4000+ worldwide having maximum Alexa ranking of 2000.His Blog Related to latest technology related to Microsoft, Android, Apple, reviews/views etc. if you are technology lover then his blog suits best for you to update yourself. His estimated earning is about 24,000$ per month.



2-    Syed Balkhi     –

Syed Balkhi: the well-known creative Speaker/ motivator as well as Founder of and a successful Blogger. Despite the fact, he is not living in Pakistan but he spent many years of his life in Karachi and now living in the USA and settled a very set business of blogging there. He is renowned for his tag name: “WordPress Ninja”. Every WordPress developer knows his blogging articles related to tips and tricks about WordPress. His Alexa ranking is 4500 with google page rank at 7 spots. His Estimated earning is about 20,000$ per month. He is also known as the successful achiever in a very short span.



3-     Muhammad Mustafa –

Mustafa: a handsome blogger and in a way you can say pioneer of all these kinds of stuff despite the fact that he is the younger one.  He also registered his company named as STC- networks. He not only created mybloggertricks, but his first one blog was which was created in 2008. He also owns other blogs like & His estimated earning is about 12000$ per month with Alexa ranking of 82,705.



4-    Naveed Javed –

Smashing apps is a Useful helper blog for developers and designers. Smashing apps are founded in the year 2008. Estimated earning of this blog is about 10,000$ per month. It has 550,000+ subscribers. Successful blogger in the market.



5-    Aamir Atta   –

Always used to work on the Quality basis and an inspiration for youngsters personally and Blogging wise. His Blog ProPakistani covers content about technology, telecom, business, startups and many more like. He founded his blog in 2008 and recently covers a huge market in the aspect of subscribers and consist of 500,000+ unique visitors per month. A huge success.  His Alexa rank is 84 and googles page rank is 4 and estimated earning is about 8000$ per month. He is the mature and descent blogger who works in quality work.



6-    Bilal Ahmed –

Bilal is MBA Degree holder from the background, a Non-technical person, he faced a lot of hurdles in the start but after a long time he cover-up and pave a way for a successful carrier as a blogger.  His Blog techmasih nowadays providing quality articles about business, social media, photography, technology etc. His Alexa page ranking is 15,000 across the world and his estimated earning is about 7,100$ per months. He is a unique inspiration for all those who want to do unique other than their field having no experience in life.



7-     Hassan Ahmed –

Hassan Ahmed Awan, an Islamabad Resident guy, and a successful blogger. Interestingly he started his career on YouTube but later he found that he worked a lot but all in vain to earn a valuable amount. After that, he created a blog and in a short span he becomes famous and included in a successful blogger. His Alexa page Ranking is 34,415 globally and estimated earning is about 4000$ per month.



8-    Abdul Wali Khan –

AbdulWali khan is the most inspirational Blogger in the market right now. He worked as a Biryani seller and later he started his career as an online teacher and started making videos for youtube, udemy, skillshare, skillfeed, and stackcommerce. His blog ranking is 491,478. His estimated earning is about 3000$ per month.



9-    Ali Raza –

Ali is Lahore residential Blogger and a humble man by nature. That’s why he is among top 3rd bloggers in Pakistan. He is very kind and always ready to learn something new. His blogging is related to Bloggers, articles, SEO, articles writing etc. He is also Google and Microsoft partner and also working with many companies for digital marketing across the globe that’s why he loves to call himself as an entrepreneur. His Alexa page ranking globally is 156,000 and estimated earning is about 2000$ per month. I personally like him.



10-    Marjan Arbab   –

Marjan Arbab living in Karachi but by birth having Queeta background. She is inspirational for women blogger. She worked for the last 2-3 years and earned a lot of respect among bloggers.  She empowering women’s through her inspiration articles and motivational talks.Her Blog having Alexa ranking of about 1638,029 & estimated earnings of about 1000$.




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By: Shahroz Ahmed