Top 9 Pakistani Shines in Forbes Asia’s 30 under 30 list – 2018

Top 9 Pakistani Shines in Forbes Asia’s 30 under 30 list – 2018

Talented & inspired Pakistan in Forbes List!


MOMINA MUSTEHSANmomina_definejobs

Momina Mustehsan became an overnight sensation after her debut in coke studio with the most talented Pakistani and legendary singer ‘Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’ and that song “Afreen Afreen” went viral in Pakistan as well as across the border. From this time she will become the most high profile activists, used this fame she spoke about the social issues including women rights, cyber-bullying, and mental health awareness. The 25-year-old is also an opinionated person for women rights, she tried her best to raise her voice for women empowerment in Pakistan, would mean raise them equal to boys, providing them education and jobs like a boy, and the most important give them equal respect and rights.





Muhammad Asad Raza and his partner Ibrahim Shah both are just 24 have innovative minds choosing the most precarious area of healthcare. They launched a healthcare start-up “Neurotic”.The Aim of this to provide the best services to the peoples of those countries which have critical health workforce deficiency like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and Syria. In 2006 the report of World Health Organization including Pakistan on no. 57 of those countries which are facing a huge lack of funds and skills, to overcome this problem Muhammad Asad Raza and Ibrahim Shah started this Start-up. They also provide services like clinical decision support, fitness, and healthcare monitoring.



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Muhammad Shaheer Niazi is the most talented researcher and well competent scientist just at the Age of 17. His efforts become the helping step in the field of “Biomedicine” for further researches. His work already seemed in Royal Society Open Science Journal. He also found the movements of ions and catching those charged ions which are responsible for making the “honeycomb”.




Sadia Bashir is the CEO of Pixel Art Games Academy. The main focus of Sadia Bashir is to prepare educated people in the field of games development and also provide scholarships for women. Her mission tries to overcome the gender gap in the gaming industry by sustaining the specific ratio of women which is almost 33%. This academy also provides training in the field of animations and game designing. After this, she has become an icon of women empowerment in this field of the gaming industry.




The issue of water insufficiency is overtaken by Hamza farukh and his Company which are working with the name of “Bondh-e-Shams” which is basically a solar water project, the main focus of his company is to deliver pure water in most of the Pakistani rural areas. Providing clean water for 5000 people per day has a life-span of 25 years just at the cost of 8000$.



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Syed Faizan Hussain just in the age of 23 years old, he undertaking one of the most challenging issues of Pakistan. “Perihelion system” is found by him to improve the lives of many. There are many products under this system including

  • Edu-Aid (it is translating software for American Sign Language).
  • One-Health (Disease Surveillance and Tracking system).
  • Glove-Gauge (it’s a technology which helps specialized production method such as measurement).





Shafi Brothers arise in the field of e-commerce. They are the founder of a platform in 2015 known as “PriceOye”, it is a price comparison platform for electronics field in Pakistan. Which provide all the marketing details to retailers as well as to customers? This software is working on data analytics.



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By: Muhammad Umer Bajwa