How to Find Your Dream Job – Ways to find out your right career .


How To find a JOB, Dream JOB


Have you ever been in a situation when you are getting old and people ask you what are you going to do in future?? What do you want to become?? A pilot?? Engineer?? Doctor?? Computer scientist?? Businessman or anything else. And you don’t have an answer. Well if you don’t have an answer it clearly said that you haven’t decided on what do you want to become.  According to recent research people ends up having 15 to 20 different types of jobs and average job time is 4 years.

Is that right that people don’t know what they want to choose in their professional career? How do you know if a company or a career path is best for you?? There are so many exciting career and paths for your talent in which you can achieve your full potential. Taking my example, I love to create some new opportunities whether in business or innovation of a product and other countless things.

With all of the available job options, how do you know what path to take? Here are some of the advice for finding a career that you love and suits you.



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Lead with your strengths.

First of all, what you have to do and write down a list of your top strengths and skills. It is possible to achieve anything if you work really hard.  But are those your strengths?? I prefer you to go with your strengths as what you are able to achieve with strengths is not possible with the things which you don’t know. You are just going with the flow. Besides this, it is better to go with your skills and strengths.


Evaluate Your Past

Evaluate your past company and job responsibilities experiences. Like what did you like the most about your company and least about company?? What about company culture?? What did you like most and least about a manager and your coworkers? What was the biggest accomplishment and when do you feel proud of having some work done??

Your answer helps you decide what do you liked the most and least about the previous companies. And will help you in the future deciding what do you want to become. You just don’t have to do the same thing as you are doing. Just figure out and do what do you like the most.


Talk to People

Talk to as many people as you can. Take a career path advice, ask about their job and aspiration. Always come with a question so that you can get most out of them. Visit LinkedIn and read people job descriptions. Decide whether they inspire you or not. What type of job description likes you and that matches your skills. Before deciding to find out what the job is like on the day today.



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Classes, workshop and something new

Take classes, attend workshops, read books, watch YouTube lectures, and try something new. You may find out that you’re passionate about coding, website design, writing, or something else entirely. Technology makes it so easy to learn new skills. A new hobby can lead to an entirely new profession.


Do What Makes You Happy

One of the most important things is to do what makes you happy. Rather than deciding the most prestigious job around. What I think and experience is the thing that you can achieve the best out of you in the profession that makes you happy. As you feel comfortable in doing things that make you happy. Choose the profession that will make you happiest and allow you to grow and learn



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Written by: Ayesha Javed